Wednesday, August 29, 2012

JAB Family cookout 2012

Just a quick one today.  On last Sunday we had our fourth annual Jack Of All Brews Family Cookout!  The first year we had this was way back when we were first starting and it was hosted in the back yard of member Brett S.  We talked about doing it again for a couple of years and then member Kent O. got us access to a perfect spot for it.  This was at The Rosemount Pavilion in Eden Prairie, and includes a large indoor space with outdoor park area for kids to romp.  There is a huge gas grill, bathrooms, large cooler, running water, volleyball net, etc. 

This year we met again, doing our typical BYOM (bring your own meat) and a side dish to share pot-luck style.  Also Dave brought and hooked up the club jockeybox and populated it with a Dale's Pale Ale clone, his amazing session Belgian Tafel Bier, and a mango cider.  Later Scott brought a Gratzer made with oak smoked malt to hook up as well.  Kent had some bottles of his version of the Dale's to serve up as well...I think I liked the hopping on Dave's slightly more, (Falconer's Flight hop blend,) but both were excellent.  I didn't have time to grab a keg since Steven and I were coming straight from Renfest that morning.  I had Sj bring some commercial beers including a growler of Town Hall Smoked Porter yumminess. 

I had a great time, despite being a bit over-tired from working at Byggvir all weekend.  It was really nice to see a few of our earliest members and their spouses too.  And kudos to Kent for arranging the building again for us.

Overall we had a low turnout this year, and I'm not sure if it was a lack of interest or just poor timing.  This event was actually on our calendar since last year, but I know summers get busy for folks.  I would like to get some feedback on if people want to do this again, and also if there is a better way of getting the word out.  I'm wondering about trying to get spouse e-mails for "family" events like this and the Holiday party, since they usually do a better job of planning than us male homebrewers.  What say you?  I know I like the option of having the kids and spouses able to meet all of our members and hang out, rather than just have homebrew club Fridays as something the guys escape to once a month...

Oh, and I totally forgot to take any pictures...told you I was tired!

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