Saturday, August 4, 2012

Fringe Day 2: In which our intrepid adventurer sees more shows, and drinks beer...

Day two started off after taking off from work slightly early to beat the rush-hour traffic down to Minneapolis.  Our first two shows of the day were at the Rarig Thrust Stage on campus, so after the first show we were able to run out of the theater and get back in line for the second.

The first show we saw was Candide, put on by the Four Humors Theater Company.  It was a fairly humorous and very condensed version of the enormous novel I haven't read. And probably will not read.  Ever.  But the group did a good job of it and there were several good moments in the play.  I enjoyed it, but I've seen this company do much better over the years.

The second show was Joseph Scrimshaw's Nightmare Without Pants.  This Scrimshaw brother is always a Fringe favorite, and somehow always manages to get a show in a possibly rigged lottery system.  But I wouldn't have it any other way!  The show is about a snarky woman who doesn't know how to be happy, who has a horrible dream involving lack of pants, running out of PBR, and the Anger Pony!  Yes it is very strange, but by the time the end of the show arrives most of off-kilter stuff has come full circle and ties well together.  I'd highly recommend it, but get there early to beat a huge line...

Then off to Town Hall again for dinner and a couple pints of Cask Masala Mama IPA.  Fringe always gives me an excuse to stop at my favorite brewpub multiple times in a week.  The Crimson Oat red ale is a really nice malty treat that even Sj liked.

And last but not least we walked up the block to The Southern Theater for a stand up comedy act by Ben San Del called the Agony Of Fools.  I've seen this guy in various things over the years and he is truly a local treasure on the comedy front.  He is one of the Rockstar Storytellers and does a great job with stand-up as well.  This show was funny and a great way to end the day of Fringing.

On the way home we were caught in a monsoon, resulting in an extra long trip back to Waconia and narrowly avoiding downed trees.  The adventure never ends folks!

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