Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fringe Day 7

Since I somehow forgot to ask off early from work we ended up missing the first show of the evening.  We really wanted to see that one, but have pre-bought tickets to the Final showing so we can make it later.  After scarfing down pizza we headed once more downtown.  All three shows we saw were one-man shows at the Huge Improv Theater in Uptown.

1) The Billy Willy Show:  A strange monologue about a washed-up child country music singer from West Virginia.  Slow delivery and very quiet, but witty and kept us laughing.  I was pleasantly surprised.

2) SuperHappyMelancholy-expialadocious:  A one-man show about depression.  Funnier than it sounds.  The actor talks periodically about his own issues with depression, but takes on the personas of various self-help and religious talking-heads to show the scope of dealing with this problem.  Sad, humorous, concerning.  I felt the show made me think, and Lepore has amazing range.

3) Someone Is Wrong On The Internet!  This is a one-man show by one of my personal favorite actors /improv guys from the Twin Cities, Kelvin Hatle.  A middle-aged, boring man starts blogging and spirals out of control in his life.  Filled with hilarious internet rants and flame-wars, this show actually makes a great point.  The high point of my Fringe day!  This one hit a bit close to home, as I AM writing a blog...Trying not to go on too many rants or flame-wars so far...

Now we miss a few days of Fringe to go to Wisconsin for a family wedding.  Hopefully someone has enjoyed my long lists of Fringe show reviews.  I have also been posting these on the website, as this is how the actors get people to come to their shows.  I also hope that my readers might become interested in trying some of these shows out, or maybe check out next year's Fringe.

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