Monday, August 6, 2012

Fringe Day 4: six more shows

Getting tired now.  We have been going non-stop since Thursday of last week and no sign of stopping.  Yesterday we managed to hit another 6 shows, with a break one more time for Town Hall dinner.

We saw:
Analyzing the Bully--a show put on by teens about bullying, but well done, not preachy.
The Hungry Games--in which Tom Reed mocks the mockingjay.
Fringe Orphans--short attention span theater with a bunch of quick skits.
Room For Cream--a nightmarish tale of a theater major forced to find a real job at a coffee shop.
Curt and Laura Used To Be Good At Gymnastics and Stuff--a two person team telling uncomfortable but funny stories of their gym class experiences in school.
Happy Hour--a set of dance numbers each relating to a particular drink.  The high point was the very seductive but tasteful dance based on Argentinian Malbec.

Not a bad day at all!  Today we head back in the afternoon for three more shows.

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