Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cream Ale

Quick one for today, as I'm busy as anything.  Jack Of All Brews' July beer style of the month is cream ale, so I figured I'd better get cracking if I want to take part.  Luckily this is a fairly quick beer to ferment out, so if I keg it up I think I can make it!

Recipe for 10 gallon all-grain batch with est. 78% efficiency

7.5# Rahr 2-row
7.5# Weyerman pilsner malt
1.25# flaked corn
0.75# corn sugar to boil
1.8 oz Liberty hops 3.9% AA at 60 min
0.8 oz Liberty hops 3.9% AA at 1 min
Wyeast American Ale smack pack without starter
Mash at 149-150 for 90 minutes (due to pilsner and corn adjunct)
Boil 90 min.
OG 1.052

Hit all the numbers well and ended up probably the lightest color of any beer I've made.
I've separated it into 2 five gallon batches, fermenting one half with classic American Ale yeast, with the other half using Saison yeast.  I might do some tinkering with the Saison half depending on how it tastes.


Brady said...

I have to admit, this was a fun style to brew just due to the extremenly light color it has. Put mine on tap and when people pour it they think it's Bud Light!

Eric Wentling said...

Yeah I think I can probably get my neighbors to drink this!