Saturday, June 30, 2012

Pyramid Alehouse: Seattle, WA

This was the start of my Second day of NHC pre-conference brewery tours, the smaller brewpub cousin to Pyramid Brewery, makers of Pyramid Apricot Ale.  That beer was the first beer I could tolerate the taste of, maintaining a special place in my heart, and prompting me choose this particular tour group.  Pyramid has been absent from the Minnesota beer scene for the last 4 years or so, just missing the local craft beer boom, so taking that first sip was like heaven. 

The alehouse serves up most of the usual Pyramid beers but also brews their own seasonals, so this is worth a try.  The food was pretty good too, and the ambiance was fantastic.  I love the combination of gleaming copper, stainless steel and heavy dark wooden beams in this place.  The brewer has recently stepped down from his position as head brewer of Redhook so he could get his hands dirty with actual brewing again, and his excitement shows in his new beers.  He gave a great tour and answered a lot of questions for us homebrewers.  The barleywine was to die for!  He also served up an interesting Scottish ale made with a hint of cherrywood smoked malt...not authentic,but pretty tasty. 
I picked up a tap handle for my collection, and totally spaced on my plan to get the brewer to sign it.  Oh, well!

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