Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Harmon Tap Room: Tacoma, WA

The second stop in our first beer tour of the Seattle area was Harmon Tap House in Tacoma.  This place is very new, under two years old, and has a clean upscale feel for a small brewpub.  This is the third site for the company, with most of the commercial bottled beers being brewed in the original facility. They have a dark back room called the Harmon Underground where they often have live music.  There was a brief tour of the brewery by the head brewer, though I didn't think to record his name for this blog.  I blame all the good beers!  I think he enjoyed giving a tour to a group that actually had tough brewing questions for him, and not having to explain what malt is...

We had a lunch of spaghetti and a very nice salad whilst sipping on beer samplers.  I met some great folks on the bus and we shared beers in order to try them all.  One beer had some diacetyl, but otherwise all were very pleasant.  The stand-out was their Anniversary IPA, which was dry and balanced and remains one of the best of the style I had while on my trip.  Not too shabby for a small brewery surrounded by big guys!

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