Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tap Handles May Be Out Of Control

With the plethora of amazing craft brews out there these days, there come a corresponding amount of wicked looking tap handles.  I started my collection even before I had a functioning kegerator, with a Shell's Snowstorm handle several years back.  More recently I discovered the wonders of ebay and the availability of many cool tap handles that are not commercially available.  I'm sure Sj wishes I had not discovered this.  Actually she has been very permissive of my collecting habit, with the caveat that they are displayed tastefully.  And that I get rid of the Magic Hat neon pink Lucky Cat handle that she hates.  Yes, I can make that sacrifice for the ability to do the above display in the basement.  I also have space on 6 taps for more handles to function as they are supposed to.

So the wonderful guys who finished our basement designed these awesome shelves that match our window trim in the basement!  They have a wooden dowel poking up to fit the base of the handles.  There is some variability in the bases of the handles, so some fit better than others, but with ingenuity, (and electrical tape,) one can make them fit snugly.  I'm really impressed with the way this looks.  My current favorite handle is the Dogfish Head rotating handle on the second shelf--that thing is a work of art!

So if you the reader happen to have easy access to cool handles, I'd love to expand the collection!

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Brady said...

That's pretty cool.