Friday, June 15, 2012

NHC update

I am giddy with excitement about my upcoming trip to Seattle for NHC! I've got plans for a beer dinner at Pike Brewing, tours of breweries, a beer breakfast at Rock Bottom, dinner with a couple sets of friends, and more! The only disappointment is that my wonderful wife can't come with me to enjoy it.

My two beers that are going on to second round have been shipped to Seattle, quasilegally and have hopefully arrived in good shape. I had to input my recipes and send a picture of myself in case I win gold--then I would get both in the upcoming issue of Zymurgy magazine.

I'll stock up on lots of info and pics to post over the next few weeks, and maybe some posting from the event.

1 comment:

Brady said...

Sounds like you've planned a great trip, sounds like a blast. Hope to make it someday. Safe travels and tasty suds, bring home some brew bling!