Thursday, June 7, 2012


So this is not a beer post, but is related to beer!  This tasty treat comes to Minnesota for the first time from New Holland, maker of great beers including Dragon's Milk.  I first tried this at the Happy Gnome New Holland beer dinner last month and was blown away by how drinkable this spirit is.  Very powerful vanilla notes, and quite smoothly sippable.  I'm just getting into Scotch and whiskeys and this is a great one for the newbie.  This bottle was from the Four Firkins and is one of the few non-beer items they carry.

The copy from New Holland's website is this:  "Zeppelin Bend Straight Whiskey is a culmination of New Holland’s brewing roots and a growing passion for distilling. A straight-malt whiskey, it begins with a brewer’s mash coaxing sugars from malted barley into a liquid wash. This wash is twice distilled and aged in new American oak with a heavy char. Notes of vanilla and clove arise from the slightly caramelized spirit leading to a classic American-oak finish."

I would agree with the description entirely.  I would love to try some of their other Whiskeys if they become available here.  I do have a bottle of the gin they make and will review at a later time.

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