Thursday, September 25, 2014

30 Words: Hope

A beautiful little girl
So strong and bold
Fought so hard to maintain her hold.
Such struggle
Such vibrancy of life.
Living more
In her time
Than many ever do.
This is the toughest time I've ever had in writing something.  Little Emma was diagnosed with a cancer called neuroblastoma in 2010-2011.  Her parents are good friends of mine and she was also my patient.  She went through way too much hell for such a small child, but was eventually deemed clear of cancer.  However she had a recurrence and went through more treatments over the past year.  This morning I found out that she lost her battle and frankly don't quite know how to deal with the feelings I'm having.  I just can't imagine how her parents and brother feel.  Watching all of the trips (some for fun and some for treatments) she took; the events she took part in; the people she met; the love that she received from family and friends...has been amazing to me.  I'm deadened and saddened by this news.  But also I am reminded of how brief all of our time is here on this crazy world and how we need to enjoy the little things and make time for the big ones too.  There is still hope for all of us.  Please send out your prayers, good vibes, or whatever to Emma's family.  Give your spouse or children a huge hug.  Do something special for your loved ones or even just for yourself. 
My wife, Sj just posted a blog entry for a book club today prior to us finding out about this.  Interestingly and perhaps uncannily her jewelry designs embraced this sentiment with both of her pieces incorporating the words Carpe Diem into them.  


Brady said...

So, So Sad. Such a sweet little girl. My deepest condolences to the German family. A pain no parent should have to endure.

TesoriTrovati said...

I am so sad to hear this. No child should have to suffer so. I can feel your pain at this loss and I am praying for healing for all who knew this tiny one. May her memory and courage inspire us all.
Sorry I dropped the ball last week. I was on a super duper secret trek out West and just couldn't wrap my head around doing the 30 Words. I will be back this week, promise. You should put a link to this post there. No reason you can't have more than one. Enjoy the day. Erin

Todd said...

I'm at a loss for words as the loss of a life so young seems so unfair. Praying that her family will somehow learn to cope with the loss and that they will come to understand that she has had a positive influence on the lives of people she never even met. May God bless her and keep, may he make his face shine upon her and be gracious to her, may he look upon her with favor and give her peace.