Thursday, September 11, 2014

30 Words: Stuck

Gossamer strings
in the humid
afternoon breeze
No sign of habitation,
an empty and waiting home
Or a wicked
for the
This week's 30 Word Thursday picture was taken in my backyard one fine sunny afternoon.  I took lots of shots but none looked quite I tried out some different filter techniques until this one jumped out at me in stark contrast.  Check out the other contributors at Erin's Treasures Found Blog Here!

Oh, and some of my pics are up on the Southwest Metro Magazine photo contest for this year:  Check them out (and vote for me!) here.  Mine are on page 2 second row up from the bottom: Schram Vineyard, Thistle, and the yellow flower with the imitation bee on it.  I took these before I got my Macro lens--next year's will be even better!


Alice said...

A great photo! I love the filter effect you used.

Todd said...

I always enjoy the way you change your perspective and experiment...I wish I had your eye for photography!!

TesoriTrovati said...

Awesome shot! I love the way this looks like it is etched. Very mysterious and great words to capture the feeling! And your pictures in the contest are great. I voted! Enjoy the day. Erin