Monday, July 2, 2012

Georgetown Brewing Company: Seattle, WA

Our final brewery trip on day two was Georgetown Brewing Company, set in a large warehouse located in a fairly industrial area of Seattle.  Greeted by a big red sign proclaiming "Beer this way" we made our way into the spacious tasting room to try some of the best beers I had on this trip!  The tour of the brewery was done with half of our group at a time to keep it more intimate.  The head brewer, Manny, is the only brewmaster of Asian heritage that I've ever met, and really knew his stuff. 


The space was large and clean, with no bottling facility as they just keg at this time.  They do have growlers for sale though, and I wish I could have taken some home with me.

The beers!  My favorite was the Johnny Utah session IPA, coming in at 3.9%ABV with the hop flavor and aroma of a big well balanced!  I could drink this all day, which I imagine is the idea.  Every one of the hoppy beers was clean, with a perfect dry but not astringent finish, making you want to keep trying more.  They let us sample every one of the 8 beers on tap, and I loved them all.  I don't think that is just because it was the third brewery in our tour...
They also made one of the only porters I had in Seattle and that was quite roasty and smooth, making a nice break from all the IPA's.

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Paul Mills said...

The Johnny Utah was great. The imperial red was absolutely stunning though.