Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Rock Bottom Brewery: Seattle, WA

Having just recently been to the Rock Bottom Minneapolis, it was interesting to try out the RB in Seattle.  The first time I was here was Thursday morning for the final NHC pre-conference event:  A beer breakfast to kick off the official NHC festivities.  A large line of folks started outside and just when we started to get pretty hungry they opened the doors, allowing a hundred famished homebrewers into the cozy interior.  Having been burned on the food front before at my Pike dinner, I was taking no chances and barged my way to the forefront and loaded my plate with eggs, fruit several types of sausage and crispy bacon.  These guys know how to cater an event!  The servers brought several taster glasses of beers throughout the event, including a very good kolsch, and a light honey summer ale.  The basic four beers, (kolsch, Belgian wit, red ale, IPA,) are all the same recipe as at the Minnesota Rock Bottom, but the others are different.  I met a great local couple in line and we ate together and discussed homebrewing and beer at great length.  Nothing is more of a social lubricant than beer and common interests!

It is Art!

I ended up back here for lunch one day, since it was walkable from my hotel and I knew the menu was good.  Of course it started raining on the way and I was a bit bedraggled by the time I arrived.  Who knew there was a soccer game going on and that the place would be packed.  Not even a spot at the bar to settle into!  After waiting quite a while, I was finally seated and ended up inviting another homebrewer to sit with me, as we wanted to make it back to the hotel for the Keynote speech in the afternoon.  It turns out that he works for my favorite magazine, Brew Your Own, in which pages I have seen my first published article.  I had a great time talking about East coast beer culture, sipping on a pint of chocolate stout and time flew before we realized we had to hike back to the hotel.

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