Saturday, July 14, 2012

Brewclub Meeting July 2012

On the second Friday of each month a crazed group of home brewers called Jack Of All Brews join together for a night of excess and insanity we like to call Brewclub.  Last night Tim was gracious enough to host the meeting at his place and to serve up some amazing grub.  As a dry run for next weekend's Inter-Club Campout he served up some wicked-hot jerk wings and his signature allspice wood smoked jerk pork.  If you have not had it yet--you must come to the campout to try it!

This month we covered a lot of upcoming events and competitions, including deciding to send Mike Lebben's porter to the AHA Club Only Competition.  Our style of the month was cream ales, so I gave a quick run-down of the style and we tried a commercial example (New Glarus Spotted Cow.)  Of course everyone bolted down the calibration beer in seconds instead of tasting along with my presentation.  Like herding cats I tell you!  Homebrewers are a thirsty and independent lot.  We had six home-brewed examples and the winner of the Golden Mash Paddle for the month was Keith Brady, with Mike Behrendt following close behind.  I was totally skunked, but I'm used to it.  One of our members, Matt, managed to wheedle a fantastic prize for this contest from one of the Rogue Public Houses which was really a fun addition to the paddle.  I actually plan on continuing this tradition with the paddle winner getting a prize each month in the future.
Keith shows off his prize!
We also had a set of secondary prizes this month for Best of the Rest!  Tim supplied a bottle of the Rogue bacon beer and Liftbridge Biscotti for Mike B's "Burn" (a fiery version of his cream ale,) and Scott's witbier.
Dead soldiers, with Scott and Mike in background

As always, a great night and a not so great next morning!  Thanks to all the old JABbers, and the new members who bring new ideas and fire to the club.

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