Sunday, July 15, 2012

Town Hall Pint Club

My favorite brewpub pretty much anywhere is Town Hall Brewery.  I know I've posted about it before and I'll surely post about it again!  Every year they open up a small number of Pint Club memberships, for somewhat exorbitant prices, but worth it to those who be able to take advantage if it.  You get a growler right away, and then 75 cents off regular pints forever.  Unfortunately it doesn't count on some seasonals and strong ales, but still pretty sweet.  Also every Saturday from 4-5PM you get free beers, with the same caveats as above.  I've had my membership for a few years now and still haven't quite paid it back yet, but I do live nearly an hour away from the place, and will certainly be showing up for years to come.

Yesterday my wife and I stopped over for Pint Club and stayed at the bar for quicker refills.  Talked to a very nice guy at the bar about local brewing events and beers while sipping a couple pints of Thunderstorm.  That is one of my favorite TH beers and usually comes out this time of year.  Made with honey and lemongrass it is sweet, tart and refreshing, just what you need for 90 degree days.  I now have two growlers of it to portion out over the next couple weeks at home.  I might be talked into sharing...if you are very nice!  They also had the Mango Mama and Twisted Reality barley wine on tap this visit, one of the better seasonal line ups I've seen in a while.  Get there soon!

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