Monday, July 16, 2012

Limited Release!

One of my best friends from Hopkins High School, Rob Wengler, along with other friends Dave and Ron have been feverishly working on a fun web video series about hard to find beers.  The idea is to get to as many of the events surrounding these white whales of the beer world and document the process, event, and the beer for those who can't get to them.  The series is called Limited Release.  The first episode is up currently and deals with Kate The Great, a RIS from Portsmouth Brewery.  The show is about 20 minutes long and offers an interesting perspective on the phenomenon of the "special release beer."  The guys were also kind enough to share one of the beers with me to get my opinion on for the camera.  Warning:  I am not very comfortable on film, so bear with me! 

Rob came over to my bar yesterday and shared a 2011 Dark Lord with me and we recorded some footage for the upcoming episode about Dark Lord Day at Three Floyds Brewing in Indiana.  I've wanted to get to this for years, but haven't been able to yet, so I'm very excited to see it second-hand.  I really enjoyed this beer and appreciate Rob sharing a bottle with me!  Very sweet and candy-like, but complex beyond description.  Hopefully my crazed cat, Freya, is not too vocal and visible in the scene we filmed!

These guys do a good job and really want more exposure for the show, so check them out and share with anyone else who might be interested!  I'll post again when the Dark Lord episode goes live.  Next up after DL is this year's Surly Darkness Day from right here in Minnesota.  I'm hoping I'll be able to make the event this year, and maybe take part live in that episode.

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