Tuesday, July 3, 2012

There's a red house over yonder, that's where my baby stays

My friends Angie and Bob were kind enough to pick me up from the hotel in Bellevue and drag me to their stomping grounds in Renton one evening.  They took me to Red House, which strangely enough, is located in an old red house.  This place is amazing and I would strongly recommend it to any folks who love good food and an amazing wine and beer selection.  They have a whole back room beer cellar where you can choose a bottle to serve with dinner or buy it and take it with you.  They also had Russian River Damnation on tap, yum!  I'll admit I had just finished up a three brewery tour trip prior to this wonderful dinner and decided I'd had enough beer for the day.  I know, I'm weak...

We had dinner on a cute little patio and took full advantage of the unusual Seattle sunny weather.  The food and company were beyond compare!  We had a tapas sampler that would have been food enough, but then I had steak with truffle frites to take me over the edge into glutton territory.  I also picked up some bottles of rare ales to take back to the homeland.

Too much cuteness and yummy tapas

My friends also took me to visit their favorite pub in Renton and showed off their house with a wonderful view of the area.  That was a great day!  I owe you guys a meal!!

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