Thursday, July 19, 2012

Byggvir's Big Beer Cup Promo

I don't have much to post today, so I thought I'd throw a promo poster up for the MN Renaissance Festival homebrew competition that MHBA and Jack Of All Brews is putting on this year.  Registration opens to put beers in this Friday!  The website is already up and you can register to volunteer to judge and steward right now.  This is for Continental styles (lagers, English Ales, Belgians, meads, ciders, etc.) and has a special historic category and award for those Gruits and Gratzers and odd-ball forgotten styles that aren't in the BJCP guidelines.  We have expanded the entries to include Russian Imperial and foreign extra stout this year too.  Come help us out or at least put some beers in!  This year one of the BOS beers gets brewed by Mike Hoops of Town Hall Brewery and will likely be entered into next years GABF Pro-Am competition!  Worth the effort to put some beers in!

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Eric Wentling said...

Registration is now OPEN! Put some beers or meads in now!