Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Haute Dish

Earlier this week, Tony and Amanda of the Primary Fermenters met with us for dinner at Haute Dish in Minneapolis.  They were kind enough to cart some ill-begotten beers from Seattle for me in the back of their truck and I am quite excited to share those out soon.

For those who haven't been to Haute Dish yet, I encourage you to try it out soon!  They are an upscale joint that really takes their food seriously...yet without taking it too seriously.  For instance, I have never had duck served served so well and consistently as here.  One favorite that is usually on the menu is Duck In A Can:  They bring out a plate with a thick Texas toast with celery root puree, then pull out a large aluminum can with a picture of a duck on it.  They open the can with an opener and "Splootch" a duck breast with herbs and veggies drops out onto the toast.  OMG it is good.  And great presentation.  This visit I had Foie In A Can.  Yum!

They have a really good Charcuterie plate, and make/cure all their own meat products.  My wife isn't as much of a fan of these "sausage-fests," but she is WRONG!

The beer list here is fantastic, with at least 10-15 craft beers on tap and a bunch more in bottle.  I had Lagunitas Undercover Shut Down ale on tap, and Sj had Jacobins Rouge.  Correct glassware is always a must as well.

Hopefully our friends enjoyed the dinner as much as I did.  I'll certainly be back again, but it ain't cheap so I'll have to save up a bit again.

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Brady said...

We have eaten there twice and I agree it is awesome! always have great beers on tap too.