Tuesday, August 7, 2012


For a break from Fringe Festival updates, we now bring you a review of Republic bar and restaurant.

We have now visited this place enough times for me to give a decent review of it.  Located in the historic Preston's Building in the 7 Corners area of the University, Republic is a relative newcomer to the craft beer scene.  They have been increasing their tap selection and now only have craft on tap, and some macro stuff in bottles.  They have a fine range of local, other US craft, and some Import beers.  A stand out for me was the Sunner Kolsch from Germany served in the proper stange glass.  They also have Kwak from Belgium served in their wacky wooden-framed glassware.  The staff seem well trained in beer serving and styles as well.  One guy I saw pouring was an outright master at pouring from the taps, knowing just the right amount of height and angle to achieve the correct head on each different beer.  A friend of ours, Emily, has been serving here for a while too, and we got to see her the other day.  Tap lines were all clean and they serve a cask beer every Wednesday I believe.  They also serve samplers of 3 eight ounce beers for $10.  Not cheep, but a nice way to work your way through the beer list.

The decor evokes age with the old oak bar and paneling as well as the antique Preston's stained glass that they left intact.  Good move!  And some stuffed animal heads on the wall of course!  There is a separate dining section in the other half of the place, but most people seem to sit on the bar side.  This time of year the outside patio does a brisk business as well.

We have food here twice now, the first time being soon after they opened and not a fantastic experience.  Trying again yesterday we were happier with our food.  I ordered the hanger steak, (not a common cut of meat around here,) that was cooked perfectly served with crispy fries and a side of sugary carmelized carrots.  Sj had the hanger steak salad, that could have used a little more excitement.

Overall, I'd recommend stopping in here for a sampler and a snack, but probably wouldn't choose to eat here regularly.  Oh, and make sure to stop across the street at Town Hall Brewery as well!

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