Thursday, August 30, 2012

September and October Blog Experiments!

I haven't decided on exact timing for this, but I'm planning to try a couple of JABlog experiments this Fall season.  I've never been a huge fan of summer beers: kolsch, wheats, light "lawnmower" beers.  So with great enthusiasm do I greet the Fall beer line-up!  Welcome to malt territory!

Octoberfests:  Either September or October, I plan on attempting to drink an Octoberfest beer each day and blog my pics and notes about it.  I can't drink certain days of the week due to work, but I will try to make up for that with doing two on following days.  I'll try to get a good mix of brands and keep to Octoberfest/Marzen/Festbier styles.  It is doubtful that I can find 30 different Octoberfest beers, so might need to double up a bit.  Obviously October is ideal for this, but most of these beers come out in Sept and I don't want them sitting around a month before I try them...So I'm leaning toward starting in September.  I'm open to suggestions, and if any of you have an extra bottle, especially something harder to find around here, please share with me!  So far I have 10 beers stocked up.

Pumpkin beers:  I'm leaning toward October to try this one.  Pumpkin beers are very polarizing, with people usually either loving them or hating them.  I tend to like them a lot, and I can share them with Sj.  I won't have enough to do a beer a day, but I'll try to get through a decent number of them during this month.  So far I have Brooklyn Post Road, Shipyard Smashed Pumpkin, and Southern Tier Pumpking.  Again, if anyone has any other beers to share with me, or know where to get more types, please tell me!

Looking forward to trying something new!  And my followers can drink along with me as I go!

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