Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Fringe Days 5 and 6

After our Republic interlude, I'm back to blogging about the last few days of Fringe Festival mayhem.  Keep in mind that this festival goes through this coming Sunday, and there is still time for you to get to a couple of these shows!  On Monday we hit three more shows:
1) Sneak Thief--A fun comedy jewel thief caper show.  A nerdy guy who can't keep a job answers a want-ad and ends up helping out a jewel thief.  I really liked this one, it had a good heart and acting.

2) Taiko Flash--Big Japanese drums!  For nearly an hour.  An interesting experience and the drummers were obviously having a good time.  This is not quite my thing, but good to try something new.  This group is at Fringe nearly every year and we have not seen them before.

3) Broken Hill--A dramatic show about three men stuck in a tiny cabin in the frozen north dealing with loneliness, insanity, and emotional baggage.  Well acted and throught-provoking.  The only real problem with the show that I found was that the plot doesn't really move.  I would have liked a bit of resolution rather than just a snap-shot of these intriguing character's lives.  My friend Amy Luedke is in the show and does a great job as well.

Tuesday time for four more shows!  We had a crazy early dinner at Town Hall, and tried the newly released MPLS hoppy lager.
1) Dance Money Grind--A dance show about the crazy dance marathons from the 20's to 50's.  A combo of dancing, jokes, skits and vaudeville acts.  The cast was really into this and it showed.  Not my usual cup of tea, but I'd recommend it.

2) Steampunk Apocalypse--This was about what I expected, a wild and somewhat uneven romp with time traveling Victorian villains and heroines.  The actresses who played the Victorians did a fantastic job!  The cast on this was huge (25 people!) I felt like they tried to fit too many things in one hour.  They could easily have let out the whole vampire angle and it would have been a tighter show.  The rats were fantastic though!

3) Pop Up Musical--The best show we have seen in the last two days, I wouldn't miss this one!  They are in the tiny Experimental Theater in the basement of Rarig, and have been selling out, so pre-order tickets if you want to see them.  Four vigorous and happy people sing their hearts out doing various famous show-tunes with the other's periodically holding up signs with info about the songs and singers.  The cast really went for it.  Simple, but great fun.

4) The Urban Hermit--A one-woman storytelling show with guitar, violin, and wash-bucket base playing interludes.  Rachel Nelson really is a talented lady and brings you into her personal story of growing up a loner, dealing with alcohol abuse, and learning to interact with people.  Her telling truly transports you.

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