Friday, September 30, 2016

2016 Photochallenge Week 38: Mirrored Water Reflections

This past week's photo challenge was to use mirrored water reflections.  I really like this type of picture and try (key word here) to take such pictures when I see the opportunity.  Often though, this type of shot requires some planning to make the right time of day, and often hopes that you will find a nice subject to make the shot stand out.  We had rain and overcast days pretty much all week that I was free so I had a hard time getting a good photo for this.  I am posting a couple of shots from my recent trip to Florida that fit the bill as well!

1) Pumpkin!  With all the rain this week, I discovered a puddle on top of my deck table and posed this little pumpkin (that I stole from Heather) in the puddle.  The overall shot was too drab and not much of color came through in the reflection.  To remedy this, I turned the whole picture black and white except for the reflection and then accentuated the color slightly.  I like the look overall.

2) Pelican:  I liked this shot of the pelican in the hippo grotto at Disney's Animal Kingdom.  The water was a little grungy so it isn't perfect but oh well!

3) Disney!  This is a night shot from across the bay at the Boardwalk.  I didn't have a tripod so had to brace the camera on a railing so it has a little motion blur for this long exposure.  I had  few more with a ferry boat coming in that looked very odd (the boat was elongated due to long exposure).

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