Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Photo Challenge Week 38: S-Curve

A short one this week--but I'm getting this out in time for once!  The weekly mission was to take a photo utilizing or showcasing the S-Curve.  So far I've seen folks use terrain (twisty roads, rivers, etc) and also s-shaped items.

This week I took down my trusty saber and made good use of it's S shaped hilt and guard.  I'll be wearing this around in a couple of weeks when I'm at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival judging beers for Byggvir's Big Beer Cup!

I went dark and contrasty on this shot.  I wanted the reflective curve of the guard to be highlighted against a darker background.  Initially I took this directly on the floor but the angle wasn't right and I added my copy of Lord Of The Rings as a prop.  The color photo shows off the bright red leather of the book well, but it draws attention from sword itself. I took this in a ray of afternoon sun coming into the dining room (I had to roust my lovely cat Willow from this choice spot).  I added a bit of vignette around the edges as well to focus attention into the center.  I'm just learning so any feedback is helpful!

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