Thursday, September 3, 2015

Photo Challenge: Odd Numbers

Earlier this year I set myself the goal of doing a photography challenge every week to push myself a bit further with my budding photography and photo editing skills.  I did a great job until we took a couple of trips and I fell behind.  I've been finding myself searching for new things to try and not resting on my laurels.  I recently discovered which is a weekly challenge to try new things.  I like the idea a lot and there are certainly new techniques to try out.  However, some of the challenges are very specific (pictures of a state animal/bird comes to mind) or require special equipment I don't have yet.  So I'll be taking part in some of these, but not all.  I'm going to try to do something else on the off weeks just to keep myself trying new things.  For those who read my blog purely for my beer/homebrew postings and don't like photography, you can just skip on to my next beer posting!

Last week's challenge was to break the mold of even numbered subjects.  The eye tends to find even numbers to be more pleasing and organized so classic paintings and photos tend to group things/people in this way.  But rules were made to be broken right?

My attempt at this was to take this picture of three dead flowers at the MN Landscape Arboretum.  I took plenty of pictures of pretty flowers as well, but this one just jumped out as a sign of impending fall.  As Ned Stark would say: "Winter is coming."

For this shot I chose to focus on the middle flower, leaving the other two partially out of focus in the fore and background.

So there you go!

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