Friday, August 29, 2014

Brews Travelers 365 Enki Stop

Just a quick post today to mention a cool couple of guys that I met the other day.  High school friends Brandon Wurtz and Michael Roberts have a mission: to travel the country for every day of 2014 visiting regional and local breweries wherever they pass through.  Their project is called Brews Travelers 365 and their official website is HERE

At this point the guys are just past the half-way point on their epic journey across the country.  They began in Texas (where they live) and have been all over the USA since leaving.  While visiting the Twin Cities they had already stopped at Town Hall, Bauhaus Brewlabs, and had more on the list.  I ran into them at Enki Brewing in Victoria.  My friends and fellow Jack of All Brews members Jesse and Kent were already firmly ensconced at the bar when Sj, Anna, and myself arrived.  Brewery co-owner Dan, tasting room manager Dave, and brewmaster Jason Davis were also there.  Brandon and Michael were sharing some bottles of beer that they had accumulated on their travels with everyone and we got to join in the fun! 

Sipping on some Enki Tail Feather IPA, I had a great time hanging out with the Brews Travelers and all my friends at the tasting room.  Lets be honest, I always like hanging out at Enki, and nearly always have a friend or two show up when I stop by. 

I really enjoyed meeting these two bearded gypsies and hope that they are able to finish their journey.  I envy their ability to quit work and take this type of challenge on themselves!  Having met the guys and seen their blog, I'll be continuing to watch their progress across our great country and perhaps take some cues from them for future brewery visits on my own travels.  Though their blog posts have fallen behind, they keep up to date with Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Untappd.  Check them out!

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Great way to rack up unique checkins on Untappd! :)