Monday, March 13, 2017

2017 Photochallenge: Minimalism, Monotone Landscape

Last year I discovered the online weekly photography challenges and it encouraged me to try a bunch of new techniques and subjects for my budding photography skills.  I've continued this into 2017, and this year promises to be a good one!  I have fallen behind in posting, but have done a few of the older challenges so here's some catch-up!  The idea is to actively take pictures each week but I may also post some older photos that fit the bill on some of these blog posts.

2017 Photochallenge Week 7: Minimalism, Monochrome Landscape

I was actually excited about this one, just since it pushes you to find an unusual subject.  I thought for sure I was going to have tons of winter corn fields with one straggly tree to take shots of, then it hit 60 degrees and all the snow melted.  Then I got busy and fell behind.  I ended up taking this shot of some trees against a mild sunset off my deck.  I desaturated the shot until all you get is a mild hint of pink around the clouds.  The trees are probably too busy to really call this a minimalist shot though.

Here's a bonus shot!

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