Wednesday, March 1, 2017

2017 Photochallenge Week 4: Rule of Thirds, Toys & Games

Last year I discovered the online weekly photography challenges and it encouraged me to try a bunch of new techniques and subjects for my budding photography skills.  I've continued this into 2017, and this year promises to be a good one!  I have fallen behind in posting, but have done a few of the older challenges so here's some catch-up!  The idea is to actively take pictures each week but I may also post some older photos that fit the bill on some of these blog posts.

2017 Photochallenge Week 4: Rule of Thirds, Toys & Games

This week's challenge was to use the classic Rule of Thirds to place your subject in one of the invisible grid lines if one was to cut your photo into thirds horizontally and vertically.  As bonus one was encouraged to use toys or games as a subject.

I had already set up my still life stuff for last week's challenge so I grabbed a couple of cute gnomes and placed them in front of an old painting of my Grandma Stolen's.

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