Thursday, August 14, 2014

30 Words: Dive


Into the deep dark waters
I plunge
An endless dive with no finish
Around me, limitless ranks of others
In free fall

Learn to dive with grace

 This week's 30 Word Thursday picture was taken at Rosa Mexicano Restaurant in Minneapolis.  We tried this place out for dinner last week and had a great meal with excellent service.  I really liked the fancy and expensive water features in the place and had to take some pictures! I'm sure the staff there thought I was strange, but hey...

Check out (or do one yourself!) at Erin's Treasures Found Blog.


Alice said...

Wow great food and interesting water features. What a great photo.

TesoriTrovati said...

That is a remarkable pictures... What a beautiful art installation! How cool to see such beauty as you enjoy a special meal. Thank you for sharing this! Enjoy the day. Erin

Sarajo Wentling said...

Ooh, I really like the way the picture turned out! That was a cool and weird art piece. Nice poem too, Sweetie! And now I want their guacamole! ;)

Todd said...

I always enjoy the perspective you have in your photos!! Another great shot!!