Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Belgium Bloopers!

My write up on our trip to Belgium and The Netherlands is now over.  But I discovered some funny and random pictures hiding on my camera's memory cards and thought I'd throw them out there for others!  These are in no particular order, and often have little to no meaning!  I just thought they were odd or funny at the time.  I realized from these things that Europeans are a bit strange.  Enjoy!

"I'm crazy dude with a bird on my head!"

"Why, yes I do happen to have some Grey Poupon!"

Nothing sells dresses like a ton of slithery snakes!

I would have nervous sitting right under this guy...

How many beer geeks can you fit in one rotating door?

Brussels, where even the frites urinate on the ground!

"Here, let my ram my ovipositor down your throat and insert my alien fetus into your chest!"

If I hung this up in my exam rooms kids would have nightmares for weeks!

Feed Me!

"And for my next trick..."

Demonstrating proper technique!

And a fond farewell to you from Belgium!

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