Thursday, June 26, 2014

30 Word Thursday--The Bride

Derelict building hunches amongst its condemned brethren
Lost areas of The City
Urban sprawl
Urban decay
Urban renewal
Ghostly bride peers out at the wreckage
Wistful for times long past

This week's 30 Word Thursday picture was taken during a recent trip to St. Louis.  The city is full of character, but many areas we drove through were broken down, decrepit and bombed-out.  I was in the back seat with my camera, and snapped this picture of the building.  Only later did I notice the creepy and somewhat ghostly figure of the bride in the window.  Mannequin?  Or spectral observer?  Check out the other 30 Word Thursday entries at Erin's Treasures Found Blog!  


Alice said...

What a great photo! I would have never seen the 'bride' if you hadn't mentioned it. Such a shame that so many buildings are abandoned.

Beverley Baird said...

What a great shot! Love the idea of a ghostly bride - love your poem.