Sunday, September 30, 2012

Indeed Brewing Tasting Room

Having been pleasantly surprised with Indeed's beers during the last month, I am happy to report that I finally got a chance to visit their recently opened tasting room.  Myself and several friends helped judge the first Nordeast Big River Homebrew Competition, and decided to head the mile down the road and visit this new arrival on the MN beer scene.  The competition was fun and the BOS and final results will be announced at the Big River event October 13.

Indeed seems to be located in a quasi-industrial area next to some train tracks in an old re purposed building that is half empty at this time.  Kind of a cool set-up with an old weigh scale in the hallway, and a really attractive wood bar.  They have kept a lot of the old character of the building with visible wood beams and industrial slide doors...was this a slaughterhouse or something?  No meat hooks at least!  The tasting area is very comfortable and relaxing, the perfect atmosphere for having a pint of beer and hanging out with some friends.  The tables are seriously solid wood with burnt-in signatures, and the chairs are similarly sturdy affairs that will safely seat even the biggest brew-fan!

Indeed has a great vibe, and their artwork on bottles and in the tap room really accentuates this.  They have a strange steam-punk meets French vintage absinthe posters feel that strikes me as perfect for this space.

There is also a small patio area just outside the tap-room and there was a Barrio food truck serving their wonderful food out in the small parking lot.  With an 80 degree sunny Fall day, good friends and good beers this was about as perfect a day as I can imagine!

Primary Fermenters Tony and Amanda
Fellow happy JAB member Bryce

Let us talk beers.  They serve 10 oz, 16 oz and 20 oz pours of all their beers with one or two cask beers and a nitro version of the Midnight Rider.  My favorite is the Day Tripper--a wickedly dry-hopped pale ale that really hits all my hop-loving buttons without being too bitter.  The Midnight Rider was fairly good, but I am not a huge fan of black IPA, feeling that the roast tends to clash with the hop making these too astringent for my palate.  That being said, this is one of the better examples of the style I've tried.  The Wet Hop was fresh and new, claiming 25 IBUs but tasting of 40's.  A bit harsh, but I liked it anyway.  The summit dry-hopped Day Tripper was a bit off, the summit hop gave it a weird oniony flavor that was not a hit.  Overall, not bad at all for a new brewery, I see a lot of potential here.  They also sell swag and bottles so you can take Indeed home with you.

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Tap said...

As always it's great to hang out with you and sample beers!
Have so much fun in Belgium!!