Thursday, September 6, 2012

Octoberfest Day 5: Spaten

Not much going on in my beer world yesterday, but I did try my 5th Octoberfest of the month, right on schedule.  This time I went old-school with one of the classic German beers with the unwieldy name of:  Spaten Oktoberfestbier/Oktoberfest Ur-Marzen. 
Aroma:  Redolent of dead skunk basking on the hot asphault along highway 494 at mid-day in summertime.  A mild sweetness wafts out over the skunk-funk.
Appearance:  Poured from a green bottle, this has a deep gold to light amber color with a fine white head that fades quickly.
Flavor:  Crisp lager character with a fairly light to thin body.  Some sweet malt, but very one-note with no complexity or toasted notes at all.  Firm Euro-Skunk flavor really overwhelms anything else in this beer.  I might pick up a slight flowery hop flavor in the finish.  Some bitterness present, but the skunkiness really accentuates this and makes the beer end astringent.
Overall:  This one was a big disappointment to me.  I was hoping for that classic malty decocted goodness, and instead got an astringent and funky blech beer that I couldn't finish.  Why do so many European beers use crappy green bottles that allow skunking of beer?  Do they feel that we American's expect that yummy "imported" flavor and aroma in our beers?  Do they serve them that way back in Germany?  If you translate Spaten from German, does it mean "The viscous and pungent fluid gently expressed from the pulsating anal glands of the Palawan Stink Badger?"
Rating: 2 out of 5.  I have still had worse beers...

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