Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Belgium Here I Come!

Sj and I are going on a Belgian Beer Tour through Beertrips.com for about 10 days of beer-centric travel.  Our friends Chris and Hassan are going with us, as well as one other couple and our tour guide.  This small group size should make it easy to get into restaurants and breweries, and limit the waiting around for slow people that often happens on organized tours.  We are heading to Antwerp, Bruges, and Brussels.

To get ready for our trip Sj and borrowed the movie In Bruges from the Carver County Library.  That is one screwed up movie: like a Guy Ritchie film in slow motion, with a hint of surreal dream sequence thrown in for good measure.  I liked it a lot, and am totally going to look for the buildings from the film.

I'll try to update the Blog while on the trip, but Wi-Fi may be hard to come by.  I may need to do a bunch of catch-up posting once we have returned.

Until then,


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