Monday, October 29, 2012


So voting time is upon us...and this brings up a few questions.  I'm not really going to get political here, that isn't my bag.  I have no illusions that I could sway any body's thinking on any big-ticket items, I think most folks already have their minds made up.  I have actually voted in the National Election already by absentee, since I'll be out of town on the day of the Elections.  So every one's inflammatory signs, bumper stickers, facebook posts and TV attack ads are wasted on me now! 

I was just in Belgium and it was interesting to learn that voting there is mandatory.  Kind of crazy, but I guess they really do get a good turn-out and know what the majority of people think, not just the small vocal minority that actually get off their duffs and vote.  So all you people who aren't sure if it is worth voting...make your voice heard, especially if you have strong feelings about particular issues.  Just educate yourself before you make any big decisions!

Now the important voting information! 

1)  Jack Of All Brews Homebrew Club has been nominated as one of the top clubs in the State in The Growler Magazine's Kind Of A Big Deal Awards.  Please vote for us prior to November 6 and show your support of our fledgling off-shoot club for the Western Suburbs!  You can also vote there for your favorite local beers, bars and beer people.

2) My wife Sarajo has a new necklace that she made in a blog challenge and I really want her to win this one!  Vote for her too, hers is number 12 (the best one with the awesome pumpkin photo that I might have taken...)

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