Saturday, May 18, 2013

Limited Release Episode 6: Hunahpu!

The newest shiny edition of Limited Release is on tap now!  This time Rob and Ron visit Cigar City in Tampa, Florida for the release of the spicy chocolate American Stout, Hunahpu.  I really liked tasting this beer for the episode, but wish I could have made it down to the release with the guys!

This episode, the guys also focused on some other nearby smaller breweries as well as Cigar City, including interviews with three brewers.  If you haven't watched the previous episodes: do it now!  Make sure to like Limited Release on facebook, tweet it, whatever...that is how these guys can gain enough popularity to get some funding and afford better equipment!  They also often have special give-aways for their fans.
The next episode will be a second trip out to Dark Lord Day where things did not go quite as planned...

Please comment and tell me what you think of the episode and how I did in my tasting portion.  Interestingly, yesterday at the Steel Toe Taproom I met a cool guy named Joseph who actually recognized me from watching episodes of this show!  Of course he liked the Mickey's episode the best.  I'll never live that one down!

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