Thursday, March 14, 2013

Limited Release Episode 5: Pliny the Younger

Episode 5 of my favorite web-based beer show is now up and live!  This recent outing by Rob and Ron takes them to sunny California for their first non-Imperial stout limited release beer event--the unveiling of this year's Pliny the Younger.  Well worth checking out the episode, as it includes an exclusive interview with Vinnie Cilurzo (there is also an extended version of that on the website if you just can's get enough of him!) 

I swear I'll get to one of these of events with them one of these days. 

As usual I was enlisted as their beer expert, and those dirty sneaky hobbitses played a little trick on me...

Here is the link to the website: Check out Episode 5 and watch the rest if you haven't seen them yet!  Like them on facebook and twitter too, show the love.  They often do give-aways for their fans (Dark Lord, Darkness, ABR tix, etc.)

Upcoming: They have already filmed for Cigar City Hunahpu and are in post production on that one.  I hope they brought me a bottle to sample! 

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