Thursday, May 22, 2014

30 Word Thursday: Thorns

A monolithic stone wall defended the ancient city.
Now coiled iron thorns protect this rocky eminence.
Time and man have not been gentle.
Life and beauty persist and thrive here.

This week's 30 Word Thursday entry pic was taken along the old city wall in Maastrict, Netherlands.  The wall and it's wildlife are protected from human predation now, but not a lot is left of it.  I saw many wild flowers, land snails, even wild arugula forming a small but unusual ecosystem in the center of the city!  Check out this week's other 30 Word Thursday entries at Erin's Blog Hop Here.


Alice said...

Though time and man have left their mark, this wall seems stalwart in it's duty.

Great photo and words.

Jean said...

Oh my gosh this is awesome! thanks for the beauty!


rosebud101 said...

Wow! I like this!!! Great photo!

TesoriTrovati said...

Amazing how nature will always win out against what man has made. There is beauty in those vines. Thank you for sharing your 30 Words! Enjoy the day. Erin