Tuesday, January 26, 2016

2016 Photochallenge 3: Natural Light Portrait

The end of last year I discovered Photochallenge.org.  This is a small group of photographers who set forth a weekly challenge to other professional and amateur photographers.  What I was drawn to with this weekly assignment is that is pushes you to try new techniques and get out and take pictures on a weekly basis.  I plan on taking part again this year and will also do a quick blog post about each of them.  The rules of the challenge do require that these are new pictures, not from your back catalogue.  With my busy work schedule, I may not be able to get out each week and do this, so I will likely add a few of my older photos on the blog--taking the opportunity to look at the plethora of pictures I've taken and actually do some processing and weeding.

2016 Week 3: Portrait Natural Light

The challenge this week was to do a portrait and use natural light source only.  I'm not going to lie, I have 0 skills in portrait photography.  People?  Why would I take pictures of people?  That's what selfless are for right?  Also this week has bitter cold, overcast, snowy, and not worthy of making my wife go outside for a shoot.  Excuses I know!  However, at the last minute I discovered my cat Willow basking in a rare ray of sunshine in the living room and couldn't pass up the opportunity to catch a few shots before she moved.  

While she looks a little cranky, this still brings out the texture of her fur well.  I only wish I could get rid of the baseboard in the background…

I like this one purely because of the cat-eared shadow in the foreground!

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