Monday, October 19, 2015

Photochallenge! Macro Fasteners

Just a quick one this Monday.  The assignment for Week 41 was to take a macro shot of some type of fastener.  I struggled with time on this one and got mine in on Sunday.  I had planned on setting up some lighting in the basement and shooting some of my wife's fancy jewelry clasps...but that didn't happen.  Instead I used this picture on my iPhone of a telephone pole in Northeast Minneapolis.

While not technically a macro shot (since I didn't use a macro lens) it looks pretty good.  In this modern day of social media, (Blogger anyone?) we tend to forget that at one time social media was by telephone pole!

Here's another I took from a second pole in the neighborhood...

This one makes me wonder who put this little cat's cradle or dreamcatcher up on this post.  Was it an urban Blair Witch?  A friendly Wiccan?  Is this a protective charm for the neighborhood?  Is it the faded symbol of a secret society?

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