Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Four Firkins Expansion Need You!

I just wanted to spread the word as far and wide as I can that my favorite all craft beer store, The Four Firkins, is looking to expand to a second location in Woodbury.  By doing this they hope to stay viable in a market that is becoming overtaken by giant behemoth liquor stores.  And they need YOU!  You can check out their Indigogo page below for details on the proposed expansion and they also have several incentives for contributors.  Also watch the short video done by the guys from Limited Release!

When I buy craft beer I try to support my local Waconia liquor store (Legacy Wine and Spirits) but when I'm looking for harder to find beers I head to the Four Firkins.  I love what these folks stand for and appreciate that they try to get to know their customers.  While a new store in Woodbury (across the world from where I live) doesn't directly benefit me, giving Alvey help in this venture is something I feel that I have to do.   Check it out and see if you want to lend a hand to small local business!


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