Saturday, October 5, 2013

Shameless Self Promotion and Pumpkin Porters

So first off I'm pretty excited that enough people put in nominations for the Growler's Kind Of A Big Deal Awards that Jack Of All Brews is in the running for best homebrew club!  And this here humble blog is also in the official running!  So for those of you who took the time to nominate both, thank you!  It is very cool seeing JAB and the JABlog "up there in lights" so to speak.  But your work here is not yet done.  Now the official voting has begun--so head to this link and vote us into the spotlight...and vote for all of your other favorite beers and breweries while you are at it.

But friends Rob and Ron have completed their Limited Release episode on the Firestone Walker Invitational Brewfest and have it posted now, so check it out!  This is the only episode so far that I haven't been in, but I couldn't make it out to the fest, and they couldn't bring back samples.  It looks epic though!

Continuing to taste pumpkin beers as September fades into October, I shall persist in my goal of trying as many as I can find!  Here is a darker version of the style.

Epic Fermentation Without Representation Imperial Pumpkin Porter:  The web site gives some good details as to what ingredients are in the beer.  Epic is out of Utah and was one of first to really take advantage of the increased ABV cap in that state, as evidenced by this 8.1% beer.  Apparently this is also a collaboration with DC Brau Brewery, whom I don't know anything about! 
Aroma:  Milk chocolate, nutmeg and cinnamon aromas.  Some sweet malty notes.  I get a subtle roastiness to the aroma as it warms, followed by some vanilla.
Appearance: Deep black in color with ruby highlights when held up to light.  Dark tan head with fine and persistent bubbles. 
Flavor: Initially this tastes a bit firm and astringent, but then it fades off to a sweeter coffee and cream later in the taste.  The nutmeg, cinnamon and vanilla arrive as an afterthought on the back of the tongue.  The body is medium, but actually feels lighter than expected with the high alcohol.  A somewhat bitter and off-dry finish.
Overall: Not a bad beer.  This had better balance than many of the pumpkin beers I've had so far.  I think the darker malts add complexity, and play well with the spices.  Not a lot of actual pumpkin character comes through though.  Just like most of the prior examples this has an astringent note--I'm starting to wonder if that is from the spices or from pumpkin itself...I'd give this one a 3.5.

Next Up:  Posts from Nashville and Alabama...

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