Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Kind Of A Big Deal Nominations

I thought it was about time to bring up The Growler.  This is our Minnesota based freebie beer magazine that can be picked up in many beer-centric places around the Twin Cities.  I've actually been pretty impressed with The Growler and it's coverage of the local beer scene over the past 2 years.  I especially like the pieces written by Doug Hoverson, Dave Hoops and Michael Agnew: eagerly reading those first in each issue. 

Recently the magazine has started up nominations for the Second Annual Kind-Of-A-Big-Deal Awards for local beer stuff.  They allow readers to nominate various local beer stores, bars, beers, etc. for some brewcred and publicity.  Guess what?  There's a spot for best local beer blog in there!  You see where I'm going with this right?  Please help me to widen my audience by nominating JABlog HERE!  I'd love to gain more readers who haven't happened upon the blog yet.

While you are in there go ahead and add Jack Of All Brews as the best local Homebrew Club as well.  Last year we made it into the official voting, but didn't win the overall let's try again! 

They also have a spot for best beer tattoo, best beard, and more! 

Thanks for tuning in reading my ramblings.  Apparently I've actually kept this thing up for over 180 individual entries, breaking the news of two upcoming breweries, and having over 50,000 hits on the site over that time!  (Yes I know many of those hits are probably spam bots, but still!) 

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Brady said...

Goood job with the blog Eric, its been nice living vicariously through you and your beer adventures. Good luck with the voting!