Friday, February 1, 2013

Limited Release Episode 4: Black Tuesday!

Over the last two years my friends Rob Wengler and Ron Johnson (with help from some other cool beer geeks) have been putting together episodes of a web based show called Limited Release.  The idea of this show is to demonstrate the trials and tribulations of two men as they brave the elements, crowds, and drunkenness to get some of the most sought after beers in the world.  The first three episodes covered Kate The Great, Dark Lord and Surly Darkness, all amazing Imperial stouts.  I have been fortunate enough to have become their resident "beer expert" and they let me share their hard-won spoils for performing on camera.  I have always had a bit of social phobia, especially about public speaking, so I never in a million years thought I'd be talking in front of a camera.  So if I come off a bit strange in the episodes, bear with me!  The things I do for beer. 

This new episode is for The Bruery out in California during the release of their incredible bourbon barrel aged Imperial stout Black Tuesday.  I watched the rough preview of the episode a few weeks ago and thought it was looking good.  I guess some of the audio got erased during part of the episode, requiring them to use the lower quality camera mic audio instead, so there is a bit of uneven recording for that part.  I haven't seen my section yet so hopefully through editing they will make me not look like a crazed robot.

Please watch and share either this link or the video link with your beer geek friends.  The only way these web shows succeed is by lots of people seeing them!  Also check out the old episodes is you haven't watched them.

As of this writing Rob and Ron are currently waiting in line for Russian River Pliny the Younger and filming for the next episode...

Addendum:  OK I watched the whole thing and think they did a great job with it.  They even have the unedited version of my tasting notes as a separate area on the web page if you really want to watch me squirm. 

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