Thursday, January 10, 2013

Fulton Brewery Tap Room

After our organized tour of Excelsior Brewing last weekend, several of us did a caravan Downtown to the Fulton Brewery Tap Room.  Fulton is one of the new upstart Minnesota breweries that have opened in the last two years and is making quite a name for itself locally.  They were one of the first breweries to take advantage of the Surly Bill by building a tap room where people can come in and buy pints of fresh local beers. 

Located within walking distance of Target Field, the tap room is located in one of many old warehouse buildings.  They have about 5 parking spots on their very small lot and there is other street parking nearby.  On arrival we realized that the food truck (Barrio) wasn't coming until 3 PM and we were starving.  Also we had been to one beer tasting already without any food to soak up the alcohol in our bellies.  We walked about three blocks through a historic warehouse district to Black Sheep Pizza and shared a couple of amazing pizzas there.  I highly suggest a visit there!  After some good grub we wandered back to the tap room for some beers.

The tap room itself is a spacious and well painted area cut off from the main brewery.  You can see the tanks through a window by the bar, but otherwise it looks like what it is: a converted warehouse space.  The old homebrew system they started with is on display up in the rafters.  They have a long bar in the back corner and had two pleasant ladies serving beer there.  Large school style picnic tables fill a large part of the floor and provide a lot of seating options.  The atmosphere was warm, relaxed and fun. 

They had four beers on tap, selling samplers or by the pint.  I've had the Lonely Blonde and Sweet Child Of Vine IPA before so I didn't get those on this visit.  I tried the Ringer American pale ale which was pretty good, seeming like a lower alcohol version of the IPA.  I also finished Sj's Worthy Adversary Imperial stout which was served in a snifter glass.  That was my favorite of the day with chocolate and roast tones.

I would recommend the beers and the venue here and will come in again if I'm anywhere near the area.

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